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DOCKET 1:92cv01523
Case Name: Specialty Store Svc v. Alpha Ent Inc
Status: Terminated
Filed: 2/28/1992
Court: Illinois Northern District Court
Assigned to: Hon. James H. Alesia
Amount demanded: $0.00
Nature of Suit: Property Rights - Patent (830)
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Other docket number: None
Basis: 15:1126 Patent Infringement

 SPECIALTY STORE SERVICES, INC., an Illinois corporation,, Plaintiff

02-28-19921COMPLAINT - Civil cover sheet - Appearance(s) of Thomas Gerard Pasternak, William P. Oberhardt as attorney(s) for plaintiff with Rule 39 affidavit ( Original and one copy summons(es) issued.) ( Documents: 1-1 through 1-5.) (ar) [Entry date 03/02/92]
02-28-19921.1RECEIPT regarding payment of filing fee paid; on 2/28/92 in the amount of $ 120.00, receipt # 369900. (ar) [Entry date 03/02/92]
03-02-19922NOTICE of claims involving patents pursuant to local rule 13 by plaintiff (km) [Entry date 03/04/92]
03-02-19922.1REPORT on the filing or determination of an action regarding Patent Report (cc: form mailed to register) (ar)
03-10-19922.2SUMMONS issued, one original and 3 copies, as to defendant, Alpha Enterprises, Inc.; Mr. Richard W. Sankey, Registered Agent; James Sankey, President; and Anthony E. Efremoff, Secretary. (tlm) [Entry date 03/14/92]
03-25-19923ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICE by defendant on 3/16/92 (tlm) [Entry date 03/31/92]
05-05-19924MOTION by plaintiff for default judgment against Alpha Ent Inc ; notice of motion (Exhibits). (tlm) [Entry date 05/06/92]


05-05-19925MINUTE ORDER of 5/5/92 by Hon. James H. Alesia : Plaintiff's motion for default judgment against Alpha Ent Inc is withdrawn. [4-1] Defendant is given an extension of time to 05/12/92 to file its answer by agreement of the parties. Status hearing set for 05/15/92 at 9:30 a.m. Mailed notice (tlm) [Entry date 05/06/92]
05-07-19926STIPULATION and ORDER concerning: (1) plaintiff's conditional withdrawal of motion for default judgment; (2) an enlargement of time for defendant to respond to outstanding discovery; notice of filing. (tlm) [Entry date 05/08/92]
05-12-19927ANSWER by defendant. (tlm) [Entry date 05/13/92] (LM)
05-12-19928ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for defendant by Robert M. Ward and Carolin K. Chenoweth (tlm) [Entry date 05/13/92]
05-12-19929RULE 39 Affidavit of Robert Morton Ward (tlm) [Entry date 05/13/92]
05-12-199210RULE 39 Affidavit of Carolin K. Chenoweth (tlm) [Entry date 05/13/92]
05-15-199211MINUTE ORDER of 5/15/92 by Hon. James H. Alesia : Status hearing held. Discovery cutoff date is 10/26/92. Final pretrial order is to be submitted in open court on 11/30/92 at 9:30 a.m. together with proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law and trial briefs. No extensions will be granted to either party. Mailed notice (tlm) [Entry date 05/18/92]
11-25-199212AGREED MOTION by plaintiff to dismiss case ; notice of motion. (ksl) [Entry date 11/27/92]


11-25-199213MINUTE ORDER of 11/25/92 by Hon. James H. Alesia : Granting agreed motion to dismiss case [12-1]. This case is dismissed with prejudice and without costs. Date for submission of the final pretrial order on 11/30/92 is stricken., terminating case Mailed notice (ksl) [Entry date 11/27/92]

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