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How likely is the USPTO to institute an inter partes review (IPR)? Historical probabilities of an IPR being instituted, broken down by year, technology (art group), and number of claims
Does the patent owner or the petitioner usually win? Historical probabilities of claims or entire patents being held invalid
Should the patent owner file a Preliminary Response? Relationship between filing a Preliminary Response and the decisions on Institution and Final Written Decision
Is there variation from technology to technology? Number and success of IPRs, by technology
Is there variation from administrative patent judge (APJ) to administrative patent judge?
Number of IPRs by Technology for each APJ
Probability of holding of unpatentability for each APJ
How successful are particular law firms in IPR practice?
Number of IPRs by Technology for each law firm
Probability of holding of unpatentability for each law firm
How successful are particular companies in IPR practice?
How often the company institutes IPRs
How often the company's patents are subjected to IPR
Win rates and outcomes
How long does this process take? Average times from Filing Date to Institution Decision and from Institution Decision to Final Written Decision
Which patents survive IPR? Final Written Decision survival rates broken down by number of claims, technology, year, and more
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