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LegalMetric Custom District Comparison

Base your planning decisions on facts, not hunches. Our District Reports not only contain case outcome metrics, but also have win rates and time to decision on Summary Judgment, Transfer and Preliminary Injunction motions. Our Custom District Comparisons compare motion metrics and case outcome metrics for 2 - 10 districts of your choice. And you can choose the start date for the comparison.

See which districts have the highest and lowest win rates and how they compare to the other districts.

For your convenience the data is broken out by division, available nowhere else.

With these reports, you can tell at a glance which districts tend to grant dispositive motions and which do not. A section on transfer motions gives you real information about how likely the various courts are to transfer cases to another district. Comparisons of divisions within the districts include percentage of cases filed by division, case win rates by division, appeal affirmance rates by division, and average time to termination on the merits by division.