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How likely is the ITC to find a violation in a § 337 patent investigation?
Historical probabilities of a violation finding, broken out by ALJ and technology
Historical probabilities of violations as a function of the number of asserted patents
Data on both contested violations and uncontested violations
Data on Investigation Outcomes by Type of Outcome
How long do the investigations take? Average times from Investigation Date to Hearing, Initial Determination, and More
Is there variation from ALJ to ALJ or from technology to technology?
Data on number and success of investigations, by technology and by ALJ
Number of Investigations by Technology for each ALJ
Probability of Violation by Technology for each ALJ
Comparisons of Violation Probabilities Among ALJs
How often does the Commission agree with the ALJs? Data on Success of ALJ Initial Determinations Before the Commission
Are there Markman hearings and rulings and if so, when do they occur? Average Time to Markman Hearing and Markman Ruling by ALJ (if applicable)
How long does it take to receive a hearing in the ITC?
Time to Termination by Investigation Outcome for each ALJ
And much more!